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Creative Uses and Testimonials

Mary Ann's "Mandala Wall"Teacher and educational consultant Mary Ann Gildroy from Roundup, Montana, has used Monique's mandalas for many years in K-6th grades. She gives her students permission to color the designs whenever they are done with assignments, feel a creative urge, or just want to be still when listening to a story or lesson. She assigns a "mandala wall" in her classroom where she invites students to display their work. "I have yet to meet a child of any age who doesn't love these designs," she says.

"I teach in an inner city school.  Students and teachers alike often feel sad, depressed and overwhelmed by our curriculum requirements.  One day I was asked to develop a curriculum that would help students learn how to treat each other with more kindness and respect.  I showed your Peace Mandala Coloring Book to teachers and students and, yes, now we are creating peace mandalas in every grade!   They are beautiful and have a positive effect on everyone in our school.  You state in the preface of the book that it may take a billion peace mandalas to bring more tranquility to humankind.  I can visualize it.  Thank you for the work you do." M. Avera, California.

Many adults color Monique's mandalas as a way to have fun with friends. Vera Grand from Portland, Connecticut, celebrated the winter solstice by inviting friends to color mandalas by candlelight, with lute music playing in the background. "It was an incredible experience."

Roberta S. gave a mandala coloring book and crayons to the children of the family she was visiting in Zimbabwe.  "It’s the best gift I could have brought!  They LOVED it!"

"I love coloring Monique's mandalas.  They make me feel calm."   Sarah, age 9,  Bozeman, Montana.

"It's amazing how a coloring book can transform a person's life.   I have purchased many from your collection.  I use them when teaching children at church and also give them as gifts to people who say"Peace is not always still".  Coloring mandalas allows them to have peace at their own level of stillness.  I also color mandalas to make changes in my own life ... the process is the work itself.  Some day I want to create a Friendship mandala with a long-distant friend.  I know the impact will be transformational.  Thank you!"   Jac'Adu, Los Angeles, California.

MandalaAt the Grandmothers For Peace booth at the International Children's Day festival in Sacramento, Calif., girls and boys were invited to color one of Monique's mandalas on a "Peace Postcard." The card was then mailed to friends and children all over the world.  Founder Barbara Wiedner, left, recalls that "it was wonderful to watch each child think for a moment about peace and create a colorful imaginary link with a child in another part of the world."

At a similar event in San Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, young and old were invited to color Monique's Peace Mandalas to spread peace and harmony after the tragic terrorist attacks in New York.  Their colored mandalas were displayed in the shopping mall for everyone to enjoy.



Many massage therapists and physicians encourage their clients to color mandalas as a way to relax before their appointment. Barbara Harwell from North Canton, Ohio, likes to add their colored designs to her collection on the ceiling of her massage room. "My clients love this", she says.

"I give my patients mandalas to color while they are waiting.  I know it calms them down and they have a lot of fun doing it.  My doctor's office is full of Monique's colored mandalas.  Kids and parents love it." Dr. A. Grefe, Pediatric Neurologist, Billings, Montana.

"My daughter had brain surgery and has really enjoyed coloring your mandalas  during her recovery. Thank you," wrote a mother from Monroeville, Alabama.

"My brother-in-law is fighting a very difficult battle with cancer and is receiving chemo. This is a man who has severe arthritis in both hands that shake a little most of the time. One day when I was visiting them, their 8 year-old granddaughter Emma called and said she was coming over to do "Mandalas."   Well, I had no clue what they were talking about and simply watched Gene at the kitchen table with his wife and young Emma, coloring your gorgeous mandalas. There were about 100 different Prismacolor double ended markers in the center of the table and each person had an individual, special holder in front of them.  What amazed me was that not only did Gene have a perfectly steady hand and colored the most strikingly beautiful design but he seemed to be calmer and more peaceful than I had seen him the whole time I was with them. For almost 2 solid hours he was completely relaxed, smiling and happy. I can only attribute this wonderful change to the effect coloring your mandalas had on him. And for this I am eternally grateful to you. I am now fully equipped and have completed 3 of my own Mandalas since returning home........I am hooked!" Gail, Corvallis, Oregon.

        "I’ve been afraid to fly and find that coloring your mandalas on the plane releases all my tension," Kristy P., Riverwoods, Illinois.

"My son had committed suicide and I was having such a hard time during the following months.  I truly thought I was losing my mind.  While hospitalized on the psychiatric floor one of the counselors gave us mandalas to color while listening to an Enya CD.  It was so soothing and helped me through an awful time.  After my release my sister sent me many of your mandala coloring books.   For a while I was coloring every evening.  Thank you for your beautiful books and for all the comfort and serenity they give me.” Debi, Great Falls, Montana.

A mom and student at the University of Montana in Missoula wrote, "My boys, who all have ADHD, immediately started to color Monique's designs. Miraculously, all three of them became quiet. It really helps them calm down and focus."

Check out the story behind "My Dad's Last Mandala" in the gallery. It's beautiful and touching.

        "While in massage school I asked each of my classmates to color a mandala from Monique's book. They enjoyed it so much and the designs turned out so well that we decided to make it our class project. The book symbolized that we were individuals with separate creative minds yet very much connected on this particular learning adventure. Laminated and spiral bound, the book with our colored mandalas stayed at our school for future classes to admire." Jen Martin, Sarasota, Florida.

Share your fun, creative or humorous story of how you or someone you know use mandalas by writing to Monique. It too may find its way onto this page. If your story is selected, you will receive a free autographed mandala coloring book.

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