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Mandala Retreats and Workshops

Monique Mandali, M.A., is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist who has been in private practice since 1984 and currently lives in Helena, MT. Using a wholistic approach she guides clients through inner work, dream interpretations, mandalas, creative imagery and transformational processes. Monique has facilitated mind/body/spirit workshops & retreats for the public as well as in schools, healthcare facilities, non-profits and businesses for more than 20 years. She is also a breast cancer "thriver", author of four popular mandala coloring books (the first one published in 1978. For more  information about Monique's approach to life and her connection with Tibetan monks, Nepalese children and mandalas, check out Monique's Journey.

Personal Retreats

Monique welcomes working with individuals who would like to deepen their knowledge of mandalas and be guided by her during 1-3 days (longer if requested) through experiences that foster personal growth, introspection, trusting intuition and mind-body-spirit healing.  Combining her lifelong love of mandalas with her 30-year experience as a wholistic (or transpersonal) counselor, she offers to “midwife” personal transformation in a safe, quiet and nurturing setting.  This personal retreat is perfect for individuals who want to take time out of their “ordinary busy reality” and give themselves an opportunity to focus on personal healing, insights and transformative experiences with Monique’s professional guidance. 

Typically, a personal retreat includes one to three 1.5-hour sessions per day with Monique.  Activities are designed around the needs of each individual and would include the following: mandala work, journaling, creative imagery and/or relaxation exercises, dream interpretation, silence, story telling, quiet time in nature, walks on nearby trails and rest.

No prior experience with mandalas, drawing or writing is necessary.  Only prerequisites: questions about yourself, a love of introspection, willingness to go on inner adventures, curiosity about what you’ll learn and experience, and trust that this personal retreat will be healing and personally enriching.

Monique’s fees for personal retreats are $100 per 1.5-hour session for the first 6 sessions, $80 afterwards.  Visa/Mc payments accepted.  A deposit may be required.  Delicious food at local bakeries, delis or restaurants as well as affordable lodging in nearby bed & breakfast or hotels, all within walking distance of Monique’s office, are additional. 

Helena, Montana’s capital, is a small, friendly, quiet town located at 4,200 ft at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just east of the Continental Divide and an ideal place for a personal retreat any time of the year.  Seventy-five miles of developed trails in the surrounding hills are an extra bonus for anyone who loves nature and likes to walk or mountain bike.  Glacier National Park to the NW and Yellowstone National Park to the SE are each within half a day’s drive and favorite destination points should you wish to extend you stay in the area. 

If you have questions or would like to make arrangements for a personal retreat, please call Monique at her Helena office: 406.495.9206.

Group Workshops and Retreats

Below is a sample list of retreats and workshops that Monique has designed and facilitated over the years.  Workshops and retreats last anywhere between 1 and 3 days and can be tailored to meet the needs of a group or sponsor.  They are intended for any teenager and adult who would like to learn about and experience the magic of mandalas, is interested in personal growth and healing, or would like to know more about their applications in professional settings such as schools, counseling, medical and psychotherapy settings, or healing and meditation retreats.  Drawing on her 30-year experience with mandalas, Monique provides suggestions for implementing the practice of coloring or creating mandalas to foster a sense of well-being and inner peace when coping with pain or a chronic illness, recovering from trauma, end-of-life issues, to calm those diagnosed with AD(H)D and encourage others to share stories in a therapeutic setting.

If you wish to sponsor or coordinate a retreat of workshop in your community, or would like more information, please email Monique ( or call her at her office in Montana: 406.495.9206.

All About Mandalas Workshop: Experiencing the Healing Magic of Mandalas
Are you intrigued by mandalas?  Have you perhaps experienced their magic but would like to deepen your knowledge for yourself or in your work with students, clients or patients?  If so, join Monique Mandali on an incredible mandala journey you won't forget. 

This workshop is experiential as well as educational and for anyone interested in mandalas.   After introducing historical, religious and cultural aspects of mandalas, Monique will create "sacred space" and with her gentle guidance, encourage you to use your intuition in choosing and coloring a mandala.  You will experience how mandalas affect body, mind and spirit and why they have been used around the world as a source of meditation, relaxation, healing and focus.  Trusting your intuition, you will be moved to draw the messages that bubble up from your unconscious into your very own healing mandala. A simple writing exercise that everyone can do (yes, even children) will anchor your experience. This is a very soothing, relaxing and self-empowering workshop. No artistic or mandala experience is necessary.
Wear loose clothing and bring magic markers and/or coloring pencils.

Rest and Renew: A Mandala-Yoga Retreat
Who doesn't need a day of rest and renewal? You're invited to take care of yourself this day by joining Monique Mandali and a yoga teacher in a quiet, peaceful gathering to relax with yoga and mandalas. You will learn why and how mandalas are, like yoga, a relaxing and powerful medium to connect mind, body & spirit, experience wholeness, and express your innate creativity.

With gentle restorative yoga poses and Monique’s mandala expertise you will learn to trust your body, your inner wisdom and the images or feelings they send you. Connecting with your healing spirit, you will be moved to draw, color and interpret your own mandala.

Wear loose clothing, warm socks and bring magic markers and/or coloring pencils.   Additional drawing supplies as well as all yoga props are provided.  No artistic talent necessary or yoga experience necessary. 

Journey to the Inner Center: A Mandala-Labyrinth Retreat
Monique invites you to participate in an experiential mandala-labyrinth retreat to learn about the wisdom of labyrinths and mandalas, each of them circular designs that have been used for centuries to promote healing and wholeness. You will learn about mandalas and labyrinths, with Monique’s guidance, you will connect with your intuition, access your personal healing symbols and draw your own mandala. As you hold that inner space, she will guide you into the sacred space of a labyrinth to deepen the healing process and help transform body, mind and spirit.  Wear loose clothing and bring magic markers and/or coloring pencils.




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