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We no longer have an online catalog and have shifted all our MANDALA CONNECTIONS inventory to 
Our MANDALA CONNECTIONS inventory includes Monique’s four mandala coloring books, our most popular foreign mandala coloring books, gel pens, as well as many mandala meditation banners in both 15”x15” and 30”x30” sizes.  Simply search for any of these items on amazon and they’ll pop up. 

Call Monique Mandali at 406-495-9206
. Pre-payment with PayPal or check/MO.  You may order by phone any mandala item that is listed in our store at amazon.

Everyone's Mandala Coloring Books Vols. 1, 2, 3 and the Peace Mandala Coloring Book are available through many online vendors (do a search and you’ll see the long list) as well as through your local bookstore in the US and Canada. If not currently stocked, simply place an order with the bookstore and save yourself shipping charges.  

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If you wish to order 17 or more books directly from Mandali Publishing we'll give you a 40% bulk discount.


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