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Volume discounts from Mandali Publishing

40% discount on each of the following mandala coloring books:
   Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book, Vol. 1, by Monique Mandali ($9.95/$5.97)
   Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book, Vol. 2, by Monique Mandali ($9.95/$5.97)
   Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book, Vol. 3, by Monique Mandali ($9.95/$5.97)
   Peace Mandala Coloring Book, by Monique Mandali, editor ($9.95/$5.97)

Discounts vary on all other mandala items in stock such as mandala meditation banners.
All sales are final.
Shipping charges: added to each order, paid by purchaser.
Minimum order: $100.00.
Payment: PayPal or check/MO.

If you would like to place a wholesale order or have questions, contact Monique Mandali:
Phone: 406.495.9206, or e-mail:



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