A brief history of Mandali Publishing...

How to order Everyone's Mandala Coloring BookMonique Mandali always had an "instinct" for mandalas.  Even as a child in Belgium she was fascinated by these circular designs found all over the world.  The 22 designs in her first book emerged spontaneously during 10 days while living in a tent in Montana during the winter of 1977-78.  "It was the most incredible creative process," she recalls.  Wanting to share her mandala designs, she printed and collated several thousand books in 1978 and sold them all.  Although her first book was a huge success, Monique preferred to focus her energies on raising her young daughter and furthering her own educational interests, and therefore decided to put her mandala venture on hold.  When in 1991 a series of synchronistic events led her to reprint her mandala coloring book, Mandali Publishing was born.  Given that a few First Edition copies from 1978 are still floating around, Everyone’s Mandala Coloring Book Vol. 1 has the unique distinction of being "The (grand)mother" of all mandala coloring books in print. 

Responding to the popularity of her first book, Monique created two more mandala coloring books, in 1994 and 1997 respectivelyMonique's fourth volume, Peace Mandala Coloring Book, a wonderful collection of Peace Mandalas designed by remarkable girls and boys ages 6-15 from around the world, was published in August 2000.

Monique's 4 mandala coloring books have sold over 100,000 copies and are used by children, parents, teachers and healers for pure enjoyment, relaxation, meditation, centering and learning purposes. They are sold to retailers through several national book distributors and have been featured in several catalogs including One Spirit Book Club, Isabella as well as Montessori Services.  They continue to be one of Amazon.com's best-selling coloring books.  In fact, as of 2103 all of Monique’s mandala gifts are sold through her MANDALA CONNECTIONS store on www.amazon.com. 

Journey through this web site to learn more about mandalas and their many uses. Mandali Publishing's anchor on planet earth: PO Box 219, Helena, MT 59624.


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