My Dad's Last Mandala (Vol. 2)
Presented by Nancy P., Plano, Texas

My father was dying of cancer and I wanted to have an activity to share with him in his last months while he was still well enough to function. My dad would have been 80 years old in October 1998.

My two small children and I flew home to see my dad. For three days my dad, children, sisters, 87-year old aunt and I sat at the kitchen table and visited while we colored. I had a video recorder going the whole time so I could capture one of our last times together.

I told my dad that I wanted him to give me the mandalas he colored so that I could have a beautiful keepsake of our time together. I am sitting at my desk at work as I write this note. To the left of me and straight ahead, pinned to my wall, is my dad's mandala.

Sometimes, when I really miss him I put my hand up to it and try to feel his energy. Other times, I just stare at it enjoying its shape an color. I am happy to have this opportunity to thank you in person for your wonderful gift.

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