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Upload your favorite colored mandala on!

Did you know that lets you display your colored mandalas for everyone to see?  It’s simple and very easy to do.  Here are the steps:

Scan your mandala and put it on your computer or flash drive (if you don’t have a scanner, have a local  print shop or an office outlet such as Staples or Office Depot scan and save it for you).  Then go to and do a search for Monique Mandali.  Our 4 volumes will be featured.  Click on the book that contains the design you would like to upload.  Click on “Share your own customer images” right below the little images of colored mandalas by other customers.  (Note: you may have to set up an Amazon “profile” if you don’t already have one but that is easy to do and you only have to do it once.)

Follow Amazon’s easy instructions to upload your colored mandala image, give it a title (caption) or short description and, if you want, add a note.  You can always edit or delete them later.  Click on “Publish” and within seconds you’ll see your mandala on this book’s site!  It’s really cool!!!  


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