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Our MANDALA CONNECTIONS CATALOG features dozens of mandala items that inspire, promote peace and tolerance and are soothing to body, mind and spirit.  If you’re curious about who we are and why we are in the mandala collection business, here is some information about us.

If you are not on our mailing list yet and would like to receive it, email us or call our toll free #1-800-347-1223.  Please note that, in order to secure your right to privacy, we do not sell, share or trade our mailing list.

As we are committed to save trees we print only one paper catalog a year.  This means, however, that quite a few mandala items are not featured in our current catalog.  The good news is that we frequently update our online catalog where you are welcome to view our entire mandala collection, including these new items:
4 stunning mandala coloring books imported from the Czech Republic;
* the cutest and smallest mandala coloring book you’ve ever seen: Little Mandalas Coloring Book, from the Netherlands;
* also from the Netherlands, 2 fabulous collections of mandalas, The Akasha Mandala Coloring Book, and The Big Mandala Coloring Book;
* a set containing 16 meditative coloring designs called Colors of Hope, by Janelle Sundberg;
* an intriguing and lovely mandala coloring book with 30 Sacred Yantra designs;
* 8 colorful Mandala Meditation Banners by our favorite Mandala artist Bryon Allen;
* several new “stained glass” mandala coloring books;
* 3 beautiful Mandala Notecard Kits;
* 2 mandala coloring books plus CD-ROMs: Mandala Designs and Geoscapes;
* coloring books with mandalas from India, Native American and Islamic cultures.

INCREDIBLE SAVINGS AND ONLINE BARGAINS: 10%-70% discounts on over 50 selected books, journals, Tshirts, jewelry, fractiles, Good Karma flags and cards when you place an online order.  Don’t miss them!

Retailers, schools, yoga and meditation centers, treatment centers, camps for children and adults, hospitals, healing centers, nursing homes, etc.: if you'd like to purchase directly from us and receive a bulk discount on selected items, click here for more information.

You may order any item in our online catalog at its regular retail price by mail (PO Box 219, Helena, MT 59624), phone (800.347.1223) or fax (406.495.9190). Take advantage of our discounted specials and cheaper freight charges by ordering online which is totally secure (most discounts apply to Internet orders ONLY and not on mail, phone or fax orders). Either way, we provide super customer service by processing orders within 1 to 5 business days, accept VISA/MC and offer free shipping on orders over $100 delivered to US addresses.  We ship packages by USPS Priority or Air Mail.

Why do shipping charges differ depending on how you order?  Here is the explanation: if you order by phone, fax or mail we calculate these fees the standard way, i.e. based on your subtotal as noted in our paper catalog (min. charge: $8.00).  If you order online, we're able to establish freight charges by product weight which is often to your advantage (min. charge:  $6.95.  We gladly pass those savings on to you.  Most other questions related to our business practices can be found on our Customer Service page. 

Be sure to bookmark this page for future updates and tell your friends about our unique mandala store!

Sending you my best mandala wishes,
Monique Mandali, Owner

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